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Working Styles of Spiceworks Myanmar

Greeting from Myat Min Swe.
During this time, I would like to introduce the working styles and implementing the procedure of our staffs from Spiceworks Myanmar.


Currently, there are 12 staffs working in our company.
Most of them are less than 25 years of age.
In our company, now we are implementing the web production and development.

On every Monday, we all used to start our works with cleaning activity first.
We never wait to clean our working environment till it becomes dirty, as we need fresh air and sound environment for working comfortably and we think that cleaning together can improve our teamwork, moral supports and make the team to be more unique.

After cleaning, we used to conduct a regular meeting to check the progress of our individual staff’s activities according to their planned schedules and project activities.

And then, one of our staff, who are already assigned, has to conduct a proper presentation, to share new knowledge, experiences, and skills concerning web-based processing and designing.

In our company, two staffs (one Junior and one Senior) have to work together for one task, we called pair creation. Even though this working model seems to be waste our resources on one task, it can create a lot of merits such as they can grow their knowledge, experiences, and skills by supporting each other and then later we can spare our precious time using for checking and fixing our mistakes, as this model can reduce errors a lot.

For information, communication, and working in our office, we used the Japanese language as the main language. So, our staffs must have to study the Japanese language for working conveniently. We provide and support them to attend Japanese class. But it is not enough to practice their listening and speaking skills even though they can read and write grammatically. Thus, we organize an activity called “Let’s talk Japanese” on every Wednesday to improve the Japanese proficiency of our staff.

Furthermore, for the staffs who already applied to sit for JLPT, have to prepare properly.

On every Thursday we facilitate a regular staff meeting with the Managing Director of Spiceworks from Japan through online chatting. During this meeting, we used to discuss and consult about our business management difficulties encountered and give some advice and feedback on our project activities.

Now we also happily arrange for donations to really needed the place in Myanmar.

We want to build the Spiceworks Myanmar to be grown dramatically by promoting the technical knowledge, capacity, and skills of each and every one of our staff. We will create an enabling environment for everyone to be happy to work even though we can have to face a variety of difficulties and challenges.


If you are interesting to join with our company you can apply via following links:



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