Task Management

My name is Ms. Ei Phyo Mon. I am one of the members of Spiceworks Myanmar.

I am working in General Affairs Group since 2016 April until now. I studied the responsibilities of administration works, knowledge of accounting andfinger printing, and other important roles of company.

I have known the knowledge about How to do Task Management during working the whole year.

Today I would like to tell you about Task Management of Our Company.

Here, I would like to introduce with the task management that we are using currently in our company.

We write down our tasks on papers and stick them to a white board. Whenever we want to check what the tasks we have to do today, we always check on that white board.

Task management is the process of managing our tasks, priorities (which are urgent, long time tasks), and can review records of tasks what have done completely.

So you will never miss your tasks to do as you can check what the tasks are remaining and you can complete your tasks in time as you can sort your task with priorities levels.

Priorities are also marked with Color Papers.

Benefits of Doing Task Management

I know clearly what to do and can manage tasks easily because of Task management. I can do my works systematically and neatly. I know clearly and deeply what to do in my future plan.

So, I want to become better and better what to do Self- management & Task Management.


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