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I’m Ei Mon Phyo and working as an Administrator at Spiceworks Myanmar. In the next 6 months, I will also participate in the marketing group.

Firstly, I would like to share about Charity box. We have created it for the next 6 months of charity fun. The name of the box is Mind Cleaner and the aim of that box is to be a good Self-management member and to do a donation better than before.

There are many question points on that box. For example :

1. Have you late in the morning?

2. Did you register a finger-print?

3. Have you silenced your phone in the office?

4. Did you clean and keep the toilet dry after you used it?

5. Do you use earphone in your workplace that unrelated with a company?

6. Did you keep your shoe in the right place?

7. Did you turn off your monitor when you go back home? etc.…

It’s mean that when you suddenly see the box then you will be remembered what you have missed a thing to do (or) recognized what you have made a mistake in the company rules. So, if you know your mistake because of that box, you can donate by putting money into the box (Mind Cleaner). No one will know your mistake or how much the money you put into the box.

In the other way, we can say that Mind Cleaner is a person who will help us to possess the best habits and support us to be good at self-management skills.


  • We do not define the amount of money.
  • If you committed one point, it is always depending on your wish you put the money into the box or not.
  • Even if you do not commit any points, you can donate money as much as you wish.

Finally, I would like to describe the Mind Cleaner’s saying. It is said, “Show your kindness to other people who need your help”.

Thank you for your attention.


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