Effective Teamwork

Hi! I’m Thuzar San, working as a Web Designer at Spiceworks Myanmar Co., Ltd.

Today I would like to share about teamwork and how to become an effective teamwork with my experiences after joining at Spiceworks Myanmar.

Team is group of co-workers to build better relationship. Teamwork is when many people work together to reach a goal. Teamwork helps people to understand each other, build friendly friendships, and to get any job done the right way.

Teams don’t work well without teamwork. Teamwork is important for the success of all business. With the Effective Teamwork lead to Project success. Every member has areas of strength and some weak points. A good team member provides some unique skills or knowledge that move the team forward.

Members must do meeting or discussion about projects. Members need to question and listen to ideas to understand each other.

To create an effective teamwork,

Respecting the members in the team and respect the opinions of others.

Encouraging and supporting the ideas and efforts of others.

Helping each other, offering assistance to each other. Try to know the plus point of each member.

Sharing ideas and knowledges to the team members to growth your team.

The team member should understand their responsibilities and participating to the projects to complete tasks efficiently and quickly. When a task is handed to a well-trained and efficient team the task will be completed quickly and accurately. This allows the company to take on more work. Each team is well aware of its own abilities and the groups can work together effectively. By working together, employees learn that wins and losses affect everyone on the team. When a group of people work together, towards a common goal, creating a positive working atmosphere, and supporting each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance. And motivation of team members is important to accomplish their goals, to maintain their responsibilities or solve problems.

Positive Attitude on new projects. A positive, “can-do” attitude is critical for the good team member. Make your team good by improving your teamwork. With teamwork, anything is possible.


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